Best Ice Fishing Boots : Criteria to choose it!

The best ice fishing is a topic often debated among ice fishing lovers. Comparing the brand and the materials used can be an endless conversation. There are a wide variety of brands across the country and each of them claims to be the best among the rest. And because of this, it can be a bit frustrating when you want to buy the best pair of fishing boots.

For some passionate anglers, it is a matter of trial and error to experience the quality of several brands before they settle with what they think is the best ice fishing boots for them. However, not all people have the luxury of time and money to shop around especially when the budget is tight. And if you are one of us the following guide will absolutely help in deciding which pair of ice fishing boots is really best to buy.

Toughness and Long-Lasting

The very first factor to consider is the materials use to build the boots, Most of the ice fishing boots brands are made with leather or a combination of fabric and leather materials which are usually tested to endure the extreme conditions it will be used for. Ensure that the material is of high quality and durable. During this time, a few more bucks to spend on a quality boot is okay rather than choosing a cheaper option but you are unsure of its durability.

You may want to think about how option but you are unsure of its durability. You may want to think about how many times you will use it or for how long. Well, at least it should last until the next winter season. Cheaper varieties may have poor quality and may not last long.


Water Resistant

Obviously, you need to find a good pair of waterproof fishing boots. You will never want to suffer frostbitten feet considering the length of time you will spend fishing under freezing cold conditions. And this is the main difference of ice fishing boots from winter boots as most people confuse them as the same boots.

There are things to look for when finding the right water-resistant boots.

Check if the boots have top closures, or also known as gaiters, this ensures that snow will not enter your boots.

Cuffs, similar to gaiters, this adds another protection from snow.

Look for gusseted tongues which block water.


Light Weight

With all the materials used to build the fishing boots, it is expected that it will be heavy to wear which is a common misconception. There are designs which use lightweight materials for a lighter wear but still be able to provide the same warmth and durability.


Power Grip

The bottom of the ice fishing boots is filled with ridges or threads designed for strong traction and grip as you walk on the ice or on snow. Look for deep ridges good for slippery surfaces. Some materials, used for these soles are rubber or synthetic where rubber soles are most preferred.


Warm with Ventilation

This is also one significant factor to consider when looking for your ice fishing boots. Since fishing will mostly like take hours you would want your feet to stay warm and well ventilated. It is important to feel warm and comfortable no matter how long your fishing will take. One thing to check when you’re buying is if the boots have a thermal lining. Some boots use the material which is most liable to provide insulation. Apart from the thermal lining, most boots provide lace-up fonts and removable liners to keep your feet warm as well.



Look for boots which have removable linings. In cases where you need to dry them, it will be easier to remove and hand dry. As compared to boots with fixed linings which can be a problem when it comes to clearing them, it takes a while for them to dry.

There are multiple lings in most boots, check the materials used if they are lightweight and breathable to allow comfortable fit with enough space for air to circulate.


Strong Seams

Check the details of a seam; it should be secure enough to keep the water off. The thread used should at least the thick enough for materials and stitches can be traced inside the under the linings. Boots that are poorly made can make it seem as if they are stitched all throughout however take a few seconds to inspect as manufacturers could have just used adhesive alone. Using adhesive without stitching can cause problems in the future since adhesive fades off quickly especially on wet conditions.


Zipper and Buckles

Boots with zipper and buckles are a better choice instead of laces. It will be easier to wear them or remove them even when you’re wearing thick gloves. Some boots use a combination of both which can add more security and warmth to your feet.


Snug Fit and Allowance

When trying on the boots, consider adding some allowance for your socks and a little room for your toes to play and breathe. Looking for the right fit inside a store is easier and more assuming rather than purchasing online. Other brands may have bigger or smaller sizes and online pictures may confuse you. So consider checking the product size chart before purchasing.



Experienced anglers are very selective with their boots height. It can mean comfort-ability and flexibility or they feel that they just look better with a specific height or boots. Regardless of the reason, It is recommended to try a pair and walk a few steps to see if the height of the boots is easy to walk around.


Design Vs Quality

This is the last thing to consider when looking for the best ice fishing boots. Overall quality should always be the priority before design. Although the design is always the first thing which catches our attention while they make and other details of the boots come in second, if the boots are not of high quality made then it may not be worth the money at all. Remember that you needed a pair of boots which will last the freezing cold conditions. Basically, the design should be treated as a nice extra.


In conclusions, if all the boxes are checked, congratulations! You have the best ice fishing boots. Finally, you can enjoy countless pleasurable ice fishing experience without worrying about your boots giving up on you. Always remember that quality should be your first priority. Once you found the best quality of fishing boots, remember the brand name or the manufacturer as this can help you make faster decisions in the future when you need to buy another pair, although a few checklists are still better.

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