Best Inflatable Pontoon Boats Review & Buyer’s Guide-2019

Nothing beats the heat during summer like getting a pontoon boat in the water, enjoying the spin and trying fishing. Here’s the deal: there are some different things you would like to keep in mind formulating plans of making the checklist of what to and not to include. One of the things you wouldn’t want to leave out is a pontoon boat.

The market today has offered a wide variety of boats to improve your boating buck. Talk of comfy, speed and space. With these factors kept handy, boating companies continue to give us a platform to express our fun. Isn’t that awesome?

With the rapid growth of these companies, it’s time to evaluate and select the best boats of the rest for an excellent fishing experience. How do we go about this? Worry less, we have made things easier for you. For the best and latest, check out these best inflatable pontoon boats 2019.


Shopping For a New Pontoon Boat?
Check out the top best models below, well detailed and complying with the current market reviews.

1. Colorado XT Inflatable Pontoon Boat-(Inflatable Pontoon Boat with Transport Wheel & Motor Mount)

Colorado XT Inflatable Pontoon Boat Review

Colorado XT inflatable pontoon boat with motor mount is something more reliable in comparison with other models in the market.

Have you ever thought of going fishing alone? Well, Colorado XT meets your needs. It is a 9’ high-capacity fully inflatable pontoon boat covering 4 feet wide. It has a height of 6 inches when lying on top of water giving an approximately total capacity of around 400 pounds. Colorado XT boat comes with a transport wheel, gear bags and removable stripping baskets.

What’s the bottom line? Well, Colorado XT is an excellent single-person pontoon boat very much controllable. It is labeled with ABYC safety standards, with adjustable seats and non-slip footrests. Its body is made of steel tube frames making it durable, and as an advantage, it rides high for good visibility.

Colorado XT Special Features:

a) Fully equipped two sturdy positioned motor mounted for trolling
b) Has removable side-pockets providing customizable storage, including 20 pockets and two insulated drink holder
c) Removable side pockets portable to create a gear bag
d) Wide range adjustable footrests
e) Transport wheels for ease of access to different fishing spots
f) Configurable rod-holder into 6 different positions
g) Rear wire storage and battery platform
h) Detachable foams fly-patches
i) Equipped with an anchor system with fillable mesh bag simplifying its use
j) Durable – made with resistant PVC bottom and nylon tops

Boat Specifications:

a) 9-foot pontoon
b) Capacity: 400lbs
c) Dimensions: 08″l 56″w 26″h
d) 2-year warranty
Comfort Features
a) ABYC safety labeling
b) High rides for improved visibility
c) Non-slip footrests
d) Removable stripping basket


a. Adjustable seat, footrests, and oar locks
b. Flexible storage options – 20 pockets and 2-insulated drink holders
c. Integrated transport wheel for easy launch
d. Easy to assemble


a. The seat can be uncomfortable if you aren’t used to it
b. Motor mount positioning makes it hard to steer (You can fix it by DIY)


2. Sea Eagle Green 375fc Inflatable FoldCat Fishing Boat-(Pro Angler Guide Package)

Sea Eagle Green 375fc Inflatable FoldCat Fishing Boat Review

It is a one or two man capacity pontoon fishing boat. Best known for its quality, considering the laid out price. FoldCat offers an excellent way to get to fish hideouts. It is unique in its design with an equipped folding support system that can be assembled and inflated in 5 minutes by a single person.

Highlighted Features:

a) Assembly and inflation time of 5 mins
b) Full fabricated floor
c) Printed instruction manual
d) NMMA and CE certified
e) Can withstand a capacity of 2 people and load of 650 lbs.
f) A heavy duty pontoon
g) Adjustable power options (gas or electric motor)
h) Light-weight and easy to carry
i) 4 convenient carry handles


a) Capacity (people): 2
b) Hull weight: 34 kg with inflation and assembly time of 10 mins
c) Width: 137 cm
d) Length: 375cm
e) Load Capacity: 2 adults
f) Engine Capacity: 3 hp gas and thrust electric motor
g) Estimated speed: 13 kph

a. High-speed
b. Enough space for two users
c. Easy maneuverability
d. Occupies a little space

a. Inflation takes a lot of time
b. Low resistance to rocks


3. Sea Eagle 285fpb Pontoon Boat

Sea Eagle 285fpb Pontoon Boat Review

Sea Eagle is a classic and portable one-person type of an inflatable pontoon fishing boat. It provides maximum fishing space with the least amount of weight on it. Perfect for fishing or hunting. It goes everywhere, and set up time is just about 5 minutes. They don’t require a trailer to be transported. They simply fit in a car trunk.

The 285FPB fishing pontoon boat’s versatile design makes it perfect for use in lakes, rivers, bays, creeks or almost any water body. The Frameless fishing boats will take you to places you would want to go that others wouldn’t dare.

Highlighted Features:

a) Lightweight – weighs 42 pounds
b) Furnished with full fabric floor and an aluminum footrest
c) Equipped with two durable rod-holders
d) Has 4 carry handles
e) Less setup time, 4 minutes. Has no parts to assemble, thus, can fit in the trunk of a car
f) Optional mount for an electric motor or free HP gas
g) NMMA Certified with a 3-year warranty against defects
h) Raised oarlocks for better flow


a) Dimensions: 31 * 23 * 11 inches or 83 pounds
b) Capacity: 450 pounds
c) Weight: 42 pounds
d) Engine Capacity: 3 HP
e) Speed: 5-7 mph with gas or 3-4 mph with an electric motor


a. Good spacing to accommodate your fishing gear
b. Adjustable fishing measures
c. Customizable pontoon (DIY)


a. Awkward positioning of rod-holders – hinders performance
b. Dangerous during windy conditions – it is lightweight

Here’s the bottom-line: Sea Eagle Green 375fc Inflatable Fold Cat Fishing Boat is Slow-to-assemble and not cheap, but a very fast boat for two people. Good quality and if money is not a problem, go get it.


4. Classic Accessories Roanoke Inflatable Boat

Classic Accessories Roanoke Inflatable Boat Review

Classic Roanoke is designed for flexibility and reliability. It is probably one of the lightest and smallest types of an inflatable pontoon. It is easy to maneuver around considering its lightweight characteristic. It comes with a couple of unique features including under-seat stripping apron, rear storage pockets, fold-down seats, and adjustable footrests. It can carry up to 350 lbs of weight and rated Class 1 river pontoon. Another amazing thing about Roanoke is the one-year warranty upon its purchase.

Boat Specifications:

a) An 8’ Pontoon
b) Total Weight: 43 lbs
c) River rated – Class 1
d) Total assembled size 96″L 55″W 29″H

Roanoke Special Features:

a) Equipped with a rear storage platform
b) Long-lasting plastic fold-down seat
c) Classy armrest which includes2 large pockets and small mesh pockets

Comfort Features:

There’s nothing good like having a comfortable environment during fishing activities. Roanoke has one amazing feature with it.
a) Wide range adjustable footrest

Safety Features:

a) Meets safety standards as per ABYC
b) Ability to ride high for improved visibility
c) Non-slip footrests

Construction Features:

a) Heavy-duty materials with PVC bottoms
b) Heat and cold resistant bladders
c) Has rugged 6’ two-piece aluminum oars
d) 1 Year warranty against defect
e) Powder coated steel tube frame


a. Less assembly time
b. Low weight
c. Has good stability on calm water

a. Risky when rowed on turbulent rivers
b. Weak oars

Here’s is the bottom line: it’s a decent pontoon boat to row calm waters for a reasonable price. It’s the best to budget option.


5. Classic Accessories Cumberland Inflatable Float Tube

Classic Accessories Cumberland Inflatable Float Tube Boat Review

When you purchase a quality inflatable pontoon boat, you are not only purchasing a product but also buying peace of mind.

Cumberland is an extra-large float tube with a hydrodynamic hull-shape and unique sculpted shape for improved navigation and tracking. This fishing boat boasts of durable products it owns. It has a high seat for improved visibility. This boat is ideal for warm fishing and ideal for a single user.

Concerning storage, Cumberland offers 2 cargo pockets and mesh stripping backrests and two fishing rod holders.

Product Characteristics:

a) Made of classic materials: Abrasion resistant PVC bottom and hydrodynamic hull shape offer you the ultimate fishing and floating experience as you take to the lake.

b) Extra-high seat: the thickly padded seat with adjustable backrest offers support and extra comfy for a long fishing experience.

c) Plenty of Storage: it has two cargo pockets, two drink holders, 2-rod holders, mesh stuff pockets and mesh storage platform.

d) Fish Ruler: like every other pontoon boat, Cumberland includes a mesh stripping apron with a fish ruler so that you know how good your fishing experience is.

Special Features:

a) Extra-large and comfortable backrest
b) It has hydrodynamic hull shape for improved tracking and steering
c) Measures 56″L 44″W 19″H when assembled
d) Extra room, comfort, and buoyancy
e) Uniquely identified by its sculpted design
f) Stripping apron with a fish ruler included
g) A 1-year warranty for defects
h) Rear storage pockets with an exterior mesh storage pocket
i) Weighs 250 pounds
j) Ample space for armrest storage with additional gear pockets, small mesh pockets, reel pockets, and flat zip pockets
k) Special D-rings used for attaching gear and creel bags
l) Horizontal reel-holder for easy carrying

Safety Features:

a) Meets ABYC safety standards procedures
b) Installed quick release apron
c) Installed safety flag pocket

Product Dimension:

a) Maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs
b) Assembled size: 56″L 44″W 19″H
c) Product weight: 14 lbs

Latest Amazon Price: $162.00


a. Lightweight and portable – you can carry it on your back
b. Ample storage spaces
c. Very comfortable – adjustable straps and backrests
d. 1-year warranty


a. Top part easily gets punctured
b. Valve leakage

What’s the bottom line? Classic Accessories Cumberland is well-padded, convenient and has received a lot of positive reviews online.


6. Togiak Pontoon Float Tube

Togiak Pontoon Float Tube Boat Review

Classic Togiak model is a portable pontoon float tube with a cool sculpted design. Its hydrodynamic hull shape makes it stable for buoyancy and tracking.

This is an ideal float tube to relax on with easy setup. A sparkling feature of this float tube is that it is lightweight and weighs 12lbs.

Have you ever wondered how comfy this tube is? Yes, Togiak Pontoon is perfect with adjustable backrest for support and comfort for long angling. Another important feature included is a pair of backpack shoulder straps. You simply attach the shoulder strap to a D-Ring below the seat of your pontoon.

Want to know the best part? It has a mesh, gear pockets and spinning reel where you can store your stuff. Your drinks and fishing gear’s storage space are all catered for. For visibility aspect, Togiak Float tube is raised high and its lifetime is reliable. It is designed for long-term use.

Highlighted Features:

a) Perfect hydrodynamic hull shape for maximum stability, buoyancy, and tracking
b) Uniquely identified with a sculpted design
c) Included backpacking shoulder straps
d) Adjustable backrest for extra support and comfy for your fishing experience
e) Ample Storage: it has roomy armrest storage with extra gear pockets, reel pockets, small mesh pockets, and flat zip pockets
f) A capacity of 300 lbs
g) 1 pair of backpack shoulder straps
h) Fish Ruler: incudes arm stripping apron fitted with a fishing ruler to measure your fishing standards
i) Fitted with 2 foam seat pieces
j) Dimensions: 55.25″L 47″W 19″H
k) 1-year warranty against defect from the day of purchase of a product

Safety Features:

a) Meets ABYC safety standards – labeled
b) Included safety flag pockets
c) Fitted with quick-release stripping apron for emergency situations
d) Comes with horizontal rod holder


a. Affordable price
b. Safe for fishing – flag pockets and stripping apron included
c. Ample storage spaces
d. Lightweight and durable


a. Uncomfortable for long durations
b. Unstable due to its lightweight


7. Classic Accessories Skagit Inflatable Pontoon Boat with Motor

Classic Accessories Skagit Inflatable Pontoon Boat with Motor Boat Review

Classic Accessories Skagit is named after the beautiful Skagit River in Washington. It is a sturdy 8 foot, portable, stable and versatile fishing platform for lakes and rivers. Skagit pontoon offers large-frame features at a small price.

It is built on a base of 2 stout inflatable pontoons with a frame supporting a padded fold-down plastic seat for comfort. Its rear platform boosts its capacity. It is designed to last long with durable nylon tops, bottom with abrasion-proof PVC materials and spacious armrest pockets.

Non-slip footrests keep your feet warm and out of the water as you enjoy the fishing.

Special Features:

a) Has an anchor system with fillable mesh bag enabling easy use of cleat and pulley controls back
b) Stripping apron with a fish ruler to measure how your game is
c) Armrest storage which includes 2 large zip pockets, 10 small mesh pockets, and 2 drink holders
d) Amazing heavy duty rear storage platform

Boat Specifications:

a) 1-year warranty against defects
b) Class 1 River-rated
c) Assembled dimensions: 96″l 50″w 26.5″h
d) Capacity: 350 lbs
e) 8-foot pontoons
f) Weighs 62 lbs

Comfort Features:

a) Padded fold-down plastic seats – long hours comfort
b) Wide range adjustable footrests and seat mount

Construction Features:

a) Built with heavy-duty pontoons with abrasion-proof PVC bottoms and tough nylon tops
b) Quick inflation and deflation valves
c) Steel powder-coated tube frames
d) Equipped bronze or-locks
e) 2-piece rugged 6-foot aluminum oars
f) Cold and heat-resistant bladders

Safety Standards:

a) Stands high on water for improved visibility
b) Safety labeling as per ABYC standards
c) Special non-slip footrests


a. Improved visibility – rides high
b. Considered safe and pretty simple to use
c. Roomy to accommodate cargo
d. Well-equipped seats


a. Relatively high price range


8. Classic Accessories Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Boat with Motor Mount

Classic Accessories Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Boat with Motor Mount Review

Classic Accessories Colorado is a 9’ pontoon boat that comes with built-in oar rests and weatherproof motor mount. Perfect for navigation through rivers or lakes.

For drink lovers, Classic Colorado responds to your situation. It is fitted with 2 insulated drink holders and 20 storage pockets.

Other amazing features include a detachable fly patch, dual-side stripping apron, double hull pontoon bladders, integrated anchor system, non-slip footrests, and 6-position rod holder.

Adjustable footrest and padded plastic seats provide ultimate comfort.

Boat Specifications:

a) A one year warranty
b) Dimensions: 108″ long x 56″ wide x 30″ high – fully assembled
c) 9-foot pontoons
d) Capacity: 400 lbs
e) Weight: 71.5 lbs
f) Rated River Class 1

Special Features:

a) Ample storage capacity including 12 zippered pockets, 10 mesh pockets, and two insulated drink holders
b) Sturdy 2-position mount motor mount for trolling
c) Detachable foam fly patch
d) Fitted anchor system containing fillable mesh bag
e) Cleat and pulley controls that can fit on either right or left side of the boat
f) Rear wire storage and battery platform
g) Durable seats

Comfort Features:

a) Wide range adjustable footrests and seat
b) Three oar-lock positions
c) Padded fold-down plastic seat
Construction Features
a) Cold and heat resistant bladders that come with it
b) 7 foot rugged 2-piece aluminum oars
c) Beautiful bronze oar-locks
d) Heavy-duty pontoons with abrasion-proof PVC bottoms and the top fitted with tough nylon
e) Good combination of fast inflation/deflation valves – easy setup
Safety Features
a) Meets ABYC safety standards – safety labeled
b) High rides for excellent visibility
c) Good non-slip footrests
d) A unique dual-side stripping apron and fish ruler to allow entry and exit without unclipping


a. It’s a value for price
b. Compact and performs excellently
c. Good for economical people


a. Persistent oarlock system


9. Sea Eagle 285 Inflatable Frameless Fishing Pontoon Boat – Pro Package

Sea Eagle 285 Inflatable Frameless Fishing Pontoon Boat Review

Sea Eagle 285fpb Frameless Pontoon is a single user boat. It has adequate space and is lightweight – can be packed into a small bag and carried to even the most remote locations where other boats won’t dare.

Great for lakes, bays, rivers, creeks or almost any water body. Since they have no frames, they do not require a trailer. They simply fit in a car trunk. This frameless fishing boat can be customizable according to user requirements since it is equipped with universal Scotty Mounts.

The Sea Eagle 285 comes with multiple rod holders, sounder mount, anchor lock, cup holders and running lights. You wouldn’t dare miss this! The pro package includes super comfortable swivel-seats, motor mount, floorboard, a striping apron plus 2 Scotty Rod holders.

Highlighted Features:

a) 3-year warranty against defects
b) Body designed from high-quality durable materials
c) Weight: 30 lbs
d) Engine: 3 HP engine
e) Combination of quick inflation/deflation
f) Full fabric floor – extra usable space

Comfort Features:

a) Durable swivel seats
b) Extra room, comfort, and buoyancy


a) Dimensions: 108” L * 48” W
b) Weight: 31 pounds, 42 pounds with motor mount and floorboard
c) Max Weight: 451 pounds
d) Capacity: 1 person

Here’s is the bottom-line: Sea Eagle 285 is a Sturdy, stable, and slow boat for every amateur fisher.


e. Easy set-up
f. Comes with sufficient storage spaces
g. Good stability
h. Allows fishing whilst standing


c. Slow in speed
d. Poor maneuverability



Things to consider when purchasing Pontoon Inflatable Boat:

It is a healthy practice to know product features, price comparisons of each available model to come up with a well-structured and informed choice. Several factors need to be considered before choosing any kind of a pontoon product. Newbies make mistakes assuming that capacity and cost are the only factors in place. That’s totally wrong. Many things though, have to be accounted for.

Want to know the best? Shopping and settling for an Inflatable Pontoon Boat can get a little overwhelming. Out there, we have so many brands, different floor designs etc. As a matter of fact, they all seem pretty to first-time shoppers. It probably gets harder to know where to start from and what to settle on.

Luckily, we’d like to offer some advice to simplify your buying decisions by offering a guide. It is safer to know better the different types available to ease your way out and boost your fishing experience. No regrets later.

There are some important questions you need to ask yourself before purchasing any kind of pontoon:

a) How many people will be on board?
b) What distance do you need to cover?
c) How will you use your new boat?
d) Will you be fishing from the boat?
e) What is your budget?

Once you have established how to typically use your boat, you stand a chance to make smart decisions for your family or friend’s needs. Answering these questions will significantly narrow down your choices.

1. Heavy Duty Pontoon Boats

Heavy Duty boats are designed for rivers. Class 1 rated pontoons are a must pick stuff. You wouldn’t risk ruining your boating by taking along a less sturdy boat. Float tubes can never be used for river fishing.

Now: Heavy Duty pontoons are very durable for any marina. Their structure makes them very strong and less maintenance. You don’t have to worry about regular servicing or repairs. Heavy duty Pontoons give a high loading capacity and durability.

2. Boat Materials

2.1 Aluminum Boats

Inflatable boats with aluminum frames are anti-corrosive in any kind of weather. They are easy to fix as compared to other models, and they are lightweight. They are the most popular models in the market. They are roomy in design meaning – ample storage space. The best collection for any fisherman are the ones mentioned above.

The disadvantage with these kinds of pontoons is that they can be subject to rust when plunged to sandy and muddy areas. In comparison with other kinds of pontoons, aluminum kinds cost lot more.

What’s perfect type for newbies? The best option is inflatable boats. They are easy to set up and portable to any destination.

2.2 Fiberglass Pontoon Boats

Light and durable in design. The disadvantage of fiberglass materials is that repairs are costly, unlike other pontoon boat materials.

Form Boats: pontoon boats filled with foam to give it a solid fill. They are cheap but slower in performance. Repairs to these kinds require expertise, thus expensive to maintain.

3. Inflatables:

Widely available types of pontoon boats that apply the principle of inflation and deflation in use. They are ideal for fishermen. Merit: Easy to store and transport, available in different packages.


Below are the best pontoon boats for your money. They are known to be the most convenient, versatile and popular in the market.

Sea Eagle Pontoon Boat:

Going through reviews online, you will find out this one is extremely popular. They are lightweight making it suitable for use in different situations. Durability is another noticeable feature with Sea Eagle.

Here’s the deal: Sea Eagles can withstand use in rivers, lakes and other fishing locations. Its price and quality are excellent.

Classic Accessories Colorado:

Famously known for its quality. Get online, look for Colorado pontoons, you won’t miss out on boats from Classic Accessories. Still wonder why? As mentioned, their boats are of great quality satisfying the needs of its users.

Other popular brands are mentioned above.

What to know before Choosing Pontoon Boat?

a. Capacity

It is important to read the manual of every product before using them. A one-person pontoon boat has a capacity of between 300 lbs – 450 lbs while a 2-person pontoon holds a capacity of 650lbs enough for two adults and some luggage.

Loading capacity is determined by the boat’s size. Overloading it beyond laid out standards lowers its efficiency and affects performance.

b. Weight

Most inflatable boats are limited to one user. Well, here’s is the good thing. If you plan to get o water with your partner, worry less. The Sea Eagle 285FC is the best deal.

Lightweight float tubes and pontoons are good for a ride. Nevertheless, weight is not the only factor to lay much emphasis on. For lightweight boats, materials should be strong to keep it moving and last long.

Nowadays, manufacturers have resolved to make small size and high-quality pontoons that have the capability of fitting into backpacks. Here’s the deal: Inflatable pontoons are the favorites – with less weight when deflated and supports for hundreds of weight when inflated.

c. Storage Space and Pockets

Properly designed pontoon boats have sufficient storage space and several pockets to put stuff. Most inflatable pontoon boats have these similar accessories. With these accessories, the number of items to carry along within the bag is minimized. This is a very crucial feature for fishermen. The fishing rod holder installed makes it cool for fishing.

Long hour fishing requires additional storage. Famous manufacturers reap big from storage pockets and spacious configurations of their designs.

d. Motor Mount Pontoons

The best pontoon boats in the market have a mount for easily installing gas or electric motor. Both give power at varying lengths. Boat speed varies depending on the type of motor installed.

The options listed above are the MAIN things to consider when buying a new Pontoon Boat. The more you become familiar with them the better position you are in making good decisions.

e. Price

There are so many factors that influence the price of an inflatable pontoon boat. Prices vary depending on the size, quality and applicable areas of the various types. Features and labels is another influencing factor.

Beware: don’t get ripped off your money! The best prices are found on commercial websites such as Amazon. Quality is expensive. You should rather get the best price than from the listed products above than get off the black market products that would cause harm at the end.

f. Technology

Nearly all these best inflatable pontoons are unique in their design and features when it comes to technology in their materials. All of them use nylon cover tops and abrasive-free PVC bottoms.

Inflatable pontoons with frames utilize either aluminum rods or steel which differ in weight and strength. So, depending on your specifications, there are a bunch of choices to select from.

Other Factors When Buying Pontoon Boat

1. Fishing Spots  (What areas do you plan to go out fishing?)

River Fishing: If you will be planning on fishing along the rivers, then your inflatable Pontoon must be very sturdy. Why? On the rivers, you are bound to face rocky grounds, several forms of rapids or logs that can mess your fishing experience.

More sturdy and durable boats stand a better chance for use in rivers. The setback for these kinds is you are likely to stumble over due to the weight exerted and the journey – horrible! This is crazy.

Lake Fishing: lighter pontoon boats work best here.

2. Does the Product come with Warranty?

You might be wondering: Why this is of such importance? Of course, it is. The things to keep in mind include a money-back guarantee, a trial period for testing out if it best suits you. These are important things a quality manufacturer should offer. Warrants are citations of manufacturer’s confidence in their products.

The warrants against defects mainly range between 1 – 3 years or even more, but most fall within that range according to our reviews.

3. Set-up and Convenience

Size affects the setup time. In average, the setup time for the products we have reviewed range between 4 – 5 minutes when done by a single person. Inflated pontoons have valves that make it easy to inflate and deflate the boat. Those who would love to do their stuff fast, small pontoons are ideal.

4. Boat Dimensions

The next thing you should consider is the length and width of your Pontoon. Should I choose a speed? Now: the longer and narrower your inflatable is, the faster it will be but less stable. Broader and shorter boats are exactly the opposite. Wide inflatables are a lot more stable.

For easy maneuver, narrow inflatables are a choice. For carrying bigger weight, go for a wide pontoon boat.


Which of the inflatable pontoon boats do you settle for? We’ve already covered the best inflatables boats in the market reviews. You now have the general idea of the capabilities of the different types of pontoon boats as well as their features. You also very well know the price range for each type.

For portability, Classic Accessories are the best. If you settle for durability, well, Sea Eagles are in place for you.

Based on the reviews we’ve carried, the best budget-friendly inflatable is Classic Accessories Roanoke Inflatable Pontoon Boat. From the editor’s desk, Sea Eagle Inflatable Frameless Fishing Pontoon Boat is out to pick. Here’s the cool thing about Sea Eagle. Easy to assemble, ample storage space, very stable and floor that allows fishing whilst standing. And if money isn’t an issue, why not go for Sea Eagle Green 375fc Inflatable FoldCat Fishing Boat?

Lastly, to keep your boat safe, understand your areas of boating. Check your pontoon boat specs and run against the water conditions. All these will keep your inflatable boat thriving and last long.

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